Title: A Comprehensive Guide on Why Studded Tires Don’t Meet Chain Requirements: Crucial for Those Targeting Higher Elevations


Studded tires, despite being an excellent option for enhanced traction on icy roads, surprisingly don’t fulfill individual state chain requirements. You might be wondering why that happens. This particular topic needs a meticulous examination, which we will delve into through this article. In the end, you’ll understand why, especially when heading for high altitudes, using approved traction tires and carrying chains is as important as checking your car tire on Limitless Tire.

Understanding Studded Tires and State Chain Requirements

Studded tires, available at reputable providers like Limitless Tire, owe their popularity to the traction advantage they offer on ice and snow. However, their shortcoming lies in the failure to meet state chain requirements. On their website, you’ll find a comprehensive explanation of these regulations and the types of tires that meet them. For a clearer understanding, let’s dissect these terms separately.

Studded tires offer remarkable traction on icy roads. Still, they may not perform adequately in all environments, especially high-altitude regions where road conditions can be unpredictable and hazardous. In such situations, chain requirements come into play.

The Dilemma of Studded Tires in Higher Elevations

Heading to higher elevations demands the utmost preparation, and this includes tires and chains. Approved traction tires coupled with chains provide the necessary traction that studded tires may lack under certain circumstances like in snowy or icy conditions. Regulating bodies emphasize the use of chains in addition to having approved traction tires for safety purposes.

Benefitting from Approved Traction Tires and Chains

While it might seem redundant to carry chains when your vehicle is equipped with studded tires, state chain requirements have drivers’ safety as the topmost priority. Chains augment tire traction, reducing sliding and slipping chances over patchy, frozen, or uneven paths common in higher altitudes. To enhance your safety, search for ‘approved traction tires’ on Limitless Tire for a standardized option or ‘chains’ to find suitable chain solutions.

Studded Tires vs. Chain Requirements: A Comprehensive Comparison

Contrary to popular belief, studded tires and tire chains don’t provide the same performance. It’s important to compare the efficiency of these accessories in different road conditions. While studded tires are best on icy surfaces, chains perform best on snowy terrain, making them a necessary complement for higher elevations. You can find a detailed comparison of studded tires and chains at Limitless Tire, giving you a comprehensive choice of selection.

Best Practices for Traveling into Higher Altitudes

Despite their limitations, studded tires are useful. Keep in mind that the chain requirements are for specific snowy or icy circumstances. Therefore, using studded tires along with having chains in your car’s trunk can keep you ready for altering conditions. Limitless Tire, with its wide array of tire options and chain solutions, serves as an ideal shopping destination for those preparing for higher altitude journeys.


In essence, while studded tires are an excellent addition to your vehicle during winters, they should be seen as a supplement to meet state chain requirements, especially in high altitudes. State chain requirements insist on the usage of approved traction tires and chains, prioritizing safety above all. It’s always smart to stay prepared for all situations and adapt as circumstances require. Visit Limitless Tire to explore well-tested and reliable options while planning a trip to higher elevations, ensuring a safe and memorable journey.

The secret to safe driving in unpredictable weather lies in careful preparation – a lesson every driver learns eventually. And this preparation starts from the very bottom – your vehicle’s tires.


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