Most frequent questions and answers

We sell custom wheels, new tires, vehicle lift kits, and lowering kits.


Our wheel selection is researched and hand picked by our creative staff.


We mostly carry rare products which cannot be found at any other rim and tire shop in Canada.


The worst feeling one can experience is buying wheels to stand out and seeing someone at a red light with the exact same make and model. 


Yes, awkward!


That does not happen when you choose Limitless Tire.

We offer tire installation,  tire balancing, tire repairs, tire rotation, seasonal tire changes, wheel alignments, lift kit installation, lowering spring installation, coilover installation, and exhaust installation.

Yes, we certainly do. We have been offering no credit check financing for the past 10 years.


We have never offered credit check financing.

We work with multiple companies who offer unique services and offer variable rates.


Our interest rates are between 1.5 and 1.8 percent per month.


The lowest rate in the no credit check industry in Ontario.

Tires and wheels are very unique products.


These products usually only come with a manufacture’s warranty. 


These warranties are usually unless and take years if that, to come to a resolution.


At Limitless Tire, we only work with those suppliers who make special exceptions for our customers.


We offer select warranties on select products, which is still miles ahead of the competition.

Since we were founded back in 2011, we have always operated in a very unique manner.


We have always been different and ahead of the rest.


We were the first company to offer no credit check financing back in 2011, now every tire and rim shop does it. 


We have tire and rim shop copy everything, I mean everything. From the design of our store front signs, to our POS software, to our employee uniforms, to even our marketing strategies.


So naturally our competition is always trying to copy/paste everything we do.


We are definitely okay with that, but our products are our most unique quality as they are hand picked  and researched for months by our team, we would like to keep between us and our valued customers.