A braking system in your vehicle is important for safe driving. But many vehicle owners take their braking systems for granted. Every time you stop or press on the brake pedal, your car stops. Your car braking system by far is among the most important auto parts to have an essential safety feature. It allows you to slow or stop the car at a split and avoid any incidents and accidents. But, when you see the sheer mechanics of how the braking system performs, you may love to know how it functions.

Do you know your braking system has many components that work to keep the driver safe? So, keeping them well-maintained is a must. Let’s uncover different parts of braking systems.

Brake Pads

Among the important auto parts are brake pads in your braking system. Brake pads are essential parts of disc brakes. Their primary function is to slow or stop vehicles. They are located between the calliper and rotor for reducing the level of friction from metal to metal. However, over time, these pads need to be replaced. 

If brake pads are worn thin, braking power may be severely reduced. Bad brake pads are dangerous and can cause your expensive rotor to be damaged if neglected. If your brakes produce a screeching sound when applied and the vehicle pulls to one side, you need to replace brake pads. Limitless Tire is one of the top companies to repair or replace car parts, including brake pads.

Brake Shoes

A brake shoe is part of a braking system, which carries the brake lining inside brake drum systems. It is curved, metal friction plates that are pressed against the inside of the brake drum. When you apply brakes, a wheel cylinder in the drum brake system forces the brake shoe outward against the inside of the drum. This creates friction between the drum and lining, causing the vehicle to break.

While disk brake systems are effective, drum brakes are cheap to manufacture. Many cars still come with drum brake systems on the rear axles. They have disk brakes on the real heat in the front. 

Brake Rotors

Brake rotors are circular discs. These large metal plates are connected to each wheel (two in front and two in back wheels). They act as a grip of the brake pads. The brake rotors spin with the wheel. When brakes are applied, the brake pads grab the rotor to eventually reduce the spinning. This leads to reducing the wheel rotation and bringing the vehicle to halt.

However, brake rotors get damaged in the long run. Symptoms of bad brake rotors include squealing noise from the brakes, the vehicle taking longer to stop, the steering wheel shaking when brakes are applied. It is always good to use high-quality brake rotors as cheap and poor-quality brake rotors do not perform well. 

Bad quality brake rotors have less metal so they are likely to overheat faster and wrap more often. Plus, the lower-quality metal can increase your stopping distances. You will have to replace them more often. All in all, you are better off replacing rotors with the best ones. Limitless Tire is the best company to replace bad car parts with new auto parts in Canada.

Brake Calipers

Brake callipers are another important part of disk braking systems. Most modern cars have disk braking systems. The brake callipers house your car’s brake pads and pistons. When the brake pedal is pushed, brake fluid creates pressures on pistons in the brake calliper, this forces the brake pads against the brake rotor and slows your car.

Common symptoms of seized brake callipers are that your car can pull to one side while braking, fluid leaks, reduced braking ability, soft or spongy brake pedal, uneven brake pad wear, abnormal noise when braking. If the brake calliper is leaking, it should be replaced.

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