Your vehicle is a good way to maintain social distance compared to taking the bus, train or a taxi. If you
are traveling in a vehicle with other people, you can still ensure that social distancing is being practiced
by sitting at the far opposite side of the car (2m or 6 feet separation). You also need to consider how many
people are in the cab, perhaps using a larger vehicle to provide more distance between occupants and always
ensure good ventilation by keeping windows open where possible.

Social distancing simply means keeping a safe distance away from other people and includes measures such as
not shaking hands and staying about 6 feet away from other people. In your vehicle, staying 6 feet apart is
difficult, but there are other preventative measures you can take.  There should also be routine
cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched objects and surfaces such as door handles, steering wheels,
and controls. Of course wearing a mask may also be a good idea.

Social Distancing Is Key

Share a ride safely: If you must be in a car with other people, properly sanitize the vehicle before
entering and while in the vehicle, avoid physical contact with the other occupants. If you have to sneeze or
cough, use a tissue or cough/sneeze into your arm behind the elbow and away from anyone else. Depending on
the social distancing measures in your area, you may be restricted to driving around with only the people
you live with.

Keep it clean: Wash your hands thoroughly throughout the day and clean surfaces in the car. The right car
cleaning regime can reduce the spread of germs and viruses without harming your car’s interior surfaces.
Cars should be sanitized every time they are entered or exited. Use disposable cloths, wipes or paper towels
if possible. Always clean your car first with car cleaning products to clean seats, steering wheel, doors,
touch screens, seatbelts, windows, and other areas that are touched frequently. After a thorough cleaning,
disinfect with anti-bacterial or alcohol-based products that are safe to use on upholstery, paint, leather.
You can also take your car to a drive-thru car wash to get the exterior cleaned properly. 

Park Properly: When you are out and you need to park your vehicle to get out, keep social distancing in
mind and make sure to park your vehicle a distance away from other vehicles. This will allow you to stay the
recommended 6 feet away from other people while exiting your vehicle. This will make it easier for
pedestrians and drivers to stay a safe distance apart in parking lots. 

Stay Safe

Always follow the guidelines and safety measures set out by the authorities in your area, to keep safe.
While you are practicing social distancing and proper hygiene, remember to keep your vehicle up to date with
regular oil changes, battery checks, tire pressure, and clean ups. Giving your vehicle some love during this
time by following these steps and keeping it well maintained, will keep you and your family safe and ready
to go when you’re able to drive again and plan your next road trip. 


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