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Your car’s engine is the heart of your vehicle. If it fails to work, you’re sure you can’t go anywhere. Given that proper maintenance of the engine is important as it ensures the engine does not overheat while on the road. While the engine is one of the giant car parts, it is made up of several different components that work together for creating and distributing energy throughout your vehicle. Expats at Limitless Tire suggest regular engine maintenance to avoid any problems. Some general tips include –

Keeping it Clean

Cleaning debris, dust, and grime are important. Over time, oil and air filters are blocked. Dirt blows under the hood. Insects can find their way to enter the vehicle. Grease that covers the engine can trap heat. So, it will become difficult for the engine to cool down properly. In this situation, your mechanic may recommend a degreaser to clean the exterior of the engine. Sometimes, a vacuum is used for this purpose as it helps in removing debris and dust from around the casing. 

Experts also use vacuum for removing debris that enters the vehicle away from working components. However, in case of odd smells or weird sounds or smoke coming from the engine compartment, contact a car mechanic as soon as possible.

Spark Plug Service

Clean spark plug from time to time in order to keep dirt and grime out of the combustion chamber. To perform this action, the mechanic will remove the plug, clean the space around it and remove the plug. Then, he will use a special cleaner and brush for removing any build-up dust or dirt. Though it is a small work to do, it protects the engine and improves performance.

Proper Lubrication

Many moving parts are there in your car engine. These parts always need proper lubrication or they will get damaged. Due to a lack of lubrication, car parts start running and grinding. This causes damage. In many cases, the damage cannot be repaired and you need to replace them at an auto parts store. If the parts are not replaced, the entire engine will cease.

Car repairers make sure that your piston rings, crankshaft, and cylinder walls are properly lubricated, thereby avoiding damage to your car. The mechanic will check seals in some parts of the engine to be assured that everything is fitted together in the way that it should be for a smooth ride. 

Oil Change

Changing oil is just a simple procedure and yet many car owners put it off until it is too late. An oil change can make all the difference to the performance of the vehicle’s engine and the overall performance. Over time, oil becomes murky, cloudy and sticky. This prevents your car engine from getting the most from its lubrication system. 

So, it is essential to change your oil. Change it once every 6 months or 10,000 miles to ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape and the engines get the best from the oil it uses. Not sure whether your engine oil needs to be changed? Call Limitless Tire – your trusted car repair shop in Brampton

If you experience any type of issue with your engine, making an appointment with your mechanic is the most effective step. The longer the problem of an engine persists, the more damage it will cause. What might have been a quick and affordable fix could be a complex and expensive one. You will need to replace different parts and pieces. 

For details about engine maintenance, preventive maintenance, tire replacement, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, brake repair, or our other auto services, contact Limitless Tire today.


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